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Body position

A great bodypostion lays the foundation for a good freestyle technique. You will learn what to focus on when you position your self in the water and. Sink no more - learn to swim effortlessly!


Utilizing your core strenght when you swim freestyle is essential in so many ways! I will teach what it means to rotate when you swim freestyle and how to learn it the right way!


Thinking about moving fast from point A to point B in swimming should really be talked about AFTER you master the first two concepts mentioned earlier. We will dive into the key concepts for your pull and your kick that will make you swim fast!

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This is what our members have to say:

"Swimazing University means well-structured and understandable training plans, a coach available at all times, a great community, and never-ending excitement. The only thing you have to do is swim yourself. Those who do it four times a week will be 100% successful. Personally, I have improved my times on average by 20%