In 16 weeks to best swim shape of your life!

This is exactly what this course is all about. You are signing up for a course that will provide you with the fastest and most effective tools to show up in the best swim shape of your life on race day!
Please don't get me wrong - this is not a magic pill course that will give you an easy way to success. These are ALL FAKE and easy is a word that does not exist when it comes to distance freestyle swimming.
What I can provide you with however is the information that you need so that your effort will show the results that you have been looking for in your swim in the past.
I promise you that this is the best and most in depth swim course that you have ever bought!
I also promise you that everything will start to "click" for you and freestyle swimming will make sense to you!
In addition to that you will have fun while working really hard.

Do not leave your swim up to chance anymore! Triathlon in 2024 requires a strong swim if you are taking the sport and your performance seriously.

Lets go!